2016 Nashua Area Chamber of Commerce Year-end Review

  • Organized the 1st Annual Meeting of the Nashua Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Established a comprehensive list of approximately140 area businesses
  • Signed 50 business, organization & individual members
  • Started the Nashua Community Foundation 501c3
  • Took over all Visioning 2015 goals & objectives
  • Moved the Aquatic Center project ahead & passed to committee in Fall 2016
  • Applied for & received grant to put in new sidewalk & crosswalk in 2017 at
  • Welcome to Nashua entrance on Hwy 346
  • Sponsored the Culpepper Merriweather Circus in Nashua
  • Began development of the Chamber website
  • Marked the waterways on Cedar Lake
  • Hosted 2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast during Water Over the Dam Days
  • Installed new ceiling in Welcome Center
  • Assisted the Nashua Area Food Pantry apply for their own 501c3 & allowed them to use the Nashua
  • Community Foundations 501c3 until theirs is completed
  • Promoted the Nashua Area by:
    Chamber Facebook page
    Nashua Area Brochure

  • Promoted Nashua via the Community Calendar
  • Worked with Tim Fox regarding downtown buildings & renovations
  • Recruiting Nashua Area businesses (new) – 6
  • Held 1st Annual Business/Education Breakfast where we welcomed new teachers & met the existing ones
  • Served Root Beer floats at the Little Brown Church Marriage Reunion
  • Recognized 12 new or relocated businesses
  • Received & replied to 25 calls & letters answering area questions
  • Began developing a Welcome Wagon for newcomers